Love in Jaipur

How a brief conversation with a Rajasthani gentleman led to Eliza scribing a love letter to his beloved.

“Can I help you? Where are you going?”

The usual questions that often lead to a sell or at worst a con.

“Just looking for the post office” we replied.

“Where are you from?”


“Oh, I have a friend in England, she lives in Cambridge”

“Really? That’s my home town! Whereabouts?”

And so we discovered that this gentleman was madly in love with an English woman from the city I grew up in. He proceeded to tell us her exact address and ask for help in writing a letter.

Which is how I found myself sat on the steps of a little temple annotating the heartfelt proclamations, with a few grammatical suggestions, of a man separated from his lover.

“How can I repay you?” he asked.

“There’s no need for that”.

“Let me take drive you to an emporium! Good prices, local prices, not the rip off they charge tourists.”

“Thanks, but we are not shopping”.

After a few attempts at persuasion.

“Ok, but don’t buy anything from the shops by the Hawa Mahal. They overcharge”.

Elaborate attempt to earn commission from a sale or a romantic gesture by a man in love?

I’m erring for the later.

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