Hi! We’re Eliza and Chris.

In October 2015. We quit our jobs, rented the house out, packed two backpacks and bought a one way ticket to India. Since then we’ve been on an incredible journey, exploring the sights, seeking responsible wildlife encounters, taking art classes, indulging in adventure sports and filling our bellies with delicious local foods.

Life is a journey, there are forks in the path at every turn and forks in our hands (well sometimes spoons, chopsticks or nothing at all) as we taste our way around the world.

We have always wanted to travel the world.

After a year and a half we are still captivated by how amazing it is.

But it’s a fragile place. What with rising sea levels and ecosystems that are on the brink of collapse due to climate change, it seems more important than ever to get out there and see them before they are gone.  We were keen recyclers before, but now its a mission. Refuse all disposable plastics. Reduce consumption to a minimum. Our mantra of slow travel helps us limit our carbon footprint and reduce our impact as much as possible while exploring the world fully.

Eliza is the planner, the writer and food researcher.

I like to have a loose plan. We don’t have to follow it, but I like to have it as a starting point. I’ll be working out where we’re staying, what we’re doing and most importantly what we’re eating. And when we have access to a kitchen, I’ll be trying to recreate some of the dishes we’ve enjoyed on the road.

Most likely to be found: chowing down on a must-try local food.

Chris is the photographer.

Travelling has enabled me to improve my photography. It’s been a great (and at times frustrating) learning experience. I love trying to capture the perfect image of where we’ve been. I want to keep travelling to see it all, with my best friend and wife: Eliza

Mostly likely to be found: with camera in hand, or very near by.


Our travel style

We believe that our travel choices have an impact on the places we visit. We prefer public transport, eating local food and try to look for local, eco-friendly experiences and places to stay.

Where we stay

We’re budget travellers, but we value our sleep and privacy over saving a few pounds. We stay in guest houses, bed and breakfasts or private rooms in hostels or Airbnb properties. In more expensive destinations we camp if possible – never underestimate the importance of a quality sleeping bag!! But a homestay is our favourite place to rest our heads – great company, local knowledge and often, great food.

What we eat

Food is our favourite way to connect with a new culture. We are always on the lookout for the best local food wherever we are in the world. Our quest has taken us to amazing street food markets, in to people’s homes and restaurants where the only way we can order is by pointing. We’ve walked for miles in search of an elusive, must-try dish. And we love to take cooking classes and food tours. Chris is a pescatarian which creates challenges in some parts of the world.

How we travel

Slowly. We like to take our time and base ourselves in a country for at least a month so we can get to know it better. We’re independent travellers and will almost always opt to explore somewhere ourselves over taking a tour.

Where possible we use local transport. It might not be the quickest, but it’s usually the cheapest way to travel – and it often leads to some interesting experiences.

How we pay for our travels

We’re fortunate to own a house. Renting it out just about covers our costs in developing countries where we aim to get by on £30-50 a day – possible unless we choose to indulge in more expensive hobbies – such as diving.  We saved hard before hitting the road but we certainly don’t have an infinite pot of money. By staying in local accommodation or even camping, and eating local food or cooking for ourselves, we keep our costs down.

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    George 6 September 2015 (20:40)

    Chris, I really like that “enjoy exploring the world with Eliza”. Have fun together, good luck and bon voyage.